October Storm -This is tonight’s big boomer moving in from the southwest. The lights on the horizon, at right, are Emporia’s.
With radar screens on my phone showing the city sandwiched between two big fronts I drive into the country hoping to see something interesting. I’m further out than I should be with this kind of storm imminent, but I’m looking for high ground and an unobstructed view. Even so, I almost miss the big event. I pull off the road at a high pole gate to study storm structure in the southern sky just as the rain starts. I take my shots and head back to the truck. To the north, light and colors are beginning to glow. It’s like a giant lamp is sweeping across the scene, illuminating details invisible moments before. I quickly switch the camera lens, adjust the exposure settings, and try to get good focus as the rain falls more heavily and lightning gets aggressive. As quickly as it started, that beautiful glow fades away. Soon the show is all over, except for the drive home in a downpour.