Photos from the Dirty Kanza 200 Endurance Race – Tenth Anniversary

* This slideshow has no soundtrack.  Just play your favorite rock ‘n roll or anything else that moves you while you watch. – Dave

A Decade of Dirty

One of the world’s toughest races, the Dirty Kanza 200 pits athletes against 200 miles of Flint Hills gravel.  It’s a rugged chirt-covered course as brutal as it is beautiful. This collection closes in on the emotions, the stress and the pain of the event, with minimal attention to landscape.  The latter is with some regret. The area is gorgeous, especially vibrant after the Spring rains. That said, the last few weeks we’ve seen day after day of oppressive rains. Gray skies, humidity, and sticky mud that won’t let go of feet, that crawls into brakes and sprockets, roads booby-trapped with treacherous wash-outs, and slippery stone with razor sharp edges. It all weighted the difficulty of this race.  The world was closed in, despite the vast panorama of the tall grass prairie.

This year’s race was the 10th Anniversary of the Dirty Kanza 200 – A Decade of Dirty.

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