Mar 21

John Willison, Poet and Counselor

Update: John died on April 12th, 2016

John is a deep and multi-faceted man. He understands that his cancer is spreading and the end of his life quickly approaching. To help work through the turmoil of emotions he turns to writing, giving steps along that path expression in poetry. This helps him reveal a “deep gratitude and awareness of the beauty of this life, the natural world, and the connectedness of all things”. His is a soul I deeply respect, for the courage and the beauty, and for sharing a journey that helps awaken the rest of us to the most enduring, essential and mysterious facets of our nature.
-Photographed in his back yard in Kansas City


I have my home in two worlds


John Willison, poet & counselorThis one:
With all its wild running,
Stuffing my pockets full of pleasure.
A smile the size of a candy shop!

I open my closet,
My whole life pours out
In excessive sweetness.

Even my suffering has taken a shine.
Running my fingers over my scars,
What were once indignities
Are now a flutter in the heart…

I bashfully flirt with every beauty.

The blushing maple, there
That brushstroke of moon.
Her hand on my chest,
Light as air,
And just as needed.

It’s all an enchantment.

I am aware of the windows being shut at the back of the house,
The doors, propped open, closing.
But this is not to be a constraint, a prison for beggars.

Not a house of sorrows.

Yes, everything will tremble.
All will fall.
This container will topple off the shelf and shatter,
Spilling into an infinite field,

Where this greeting awaits:
Hello, darling. Welcome home.

~ John Willison

LISTEN: John Willison On Facing Death And Appreciating The Beauty Of Life


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